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/ Description of technology /

Direct laser gravure is one of the state of the art technologies how to transfer by digital way picture onto a flexography printing form (printing cylinder - so called sleeve). By the laser gravure the multiphase production of traditional photopolymer plates has been replaced by gravure or laser burning after which washing of sleeves with water (which is required for cleaning, not for the processing) and a short process of drying follow.

/ Technologie /

GRAVITECH s.r.o. directly engraves with a laser beam from a data file to a so called printing sleeve or onto a printing plate. By this procedure the direct laser gravure is the only technology after which the printing medium is directly and immediately ready for printing.

Elastomeric material used for direct laser gravure is in advance stabilized and the laser gravure creates a positive image by removing of unwanted areas with a laser beam. The cylinder being processed by the gravure rotates on the spindle in the machine and the laser removes the unwanted material by burning. This is then exhausted by the equipment of the machine from the place of the laser processing.

The direct laser gravure brings also major advantages for the environment. Great attention is paid to this matter around the world and the legislation forces the suppliers of the printing make-ready and the pressmen to find processing methods more suitable for the ecology. We may state as an example that using of photopolymer technology requires consumption of a few hundreds liters of solvents daily which has to be handled as dangerous waste. This is eliminated by laser gravure.

The direct laser gravure is the only method which completely eliminates using of dangerous photographic materials as well as solvents and the disposal costs connected with them. Waste by laser gravure is only a secure powder or ash. This is collected with help of integral extracting (exhaust) system and is burned or sent to a dumping site. After processing only a water curtain for removal of residue ash and a short process of drying follow. The used water is safe and after filtration may be directly released into sewage system. No secondary waste develops which would be necessary to liquidate in a difficult way. No part of product or the production process is ecologically bad.

An undisputed advantage of laser gravure is also its high productivity since most of the plates and sleeves are ready for printing in a short time. Beside that the activity may take place practically with no intervention of operating personal which allows working on large sleeves or plates overnight.

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