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/ About company Gravitech s.r.o. /

GRAVITECH s.r.o. works with laser processing of so called technical sleeves used in printing and technical industry, including after-sales service of these products

The reason for increasing popularity of flexography is a steep development of the packaging industry. The types of sales change in the competition of products which have approximately the same utilizing properties. The product on a shelf of a supermarket has to attract the attention of the customer not only by a striking price, but also by a creative packaging. Flexography as a printing technology particularly useful for printing on packaging materials is recording a boom on developed markets and since its quality is increasing, it is happening partly also at the expense of offset printing.

The direct gravure of surface of encircling flexography printing forms offers the highest potential among the make-ready types of flexography printing forms. Laser data burning into the flexography sleeve brings a few major advantages for companies orientated on flexography. It markedly simplifies and accelerates the make-ready of flexography printing form, since it eliminates need of double exposure, washing and drying. There remain only the laser exposure (gravure) and possible exhaustion of not burned material rests. And since the surface of the polymer is perfectly burned by laser, it is actually a no-waste and highly ecologic technology. Direct gravure of flexography sleeves insures high quality of flexography and thus increases its chances in competition with other printing technologies.

GRAVITECH s.r.o. has been motivated by this reality to a cooperation on development of materials suitable for a production of encircling flexography printing forms assigned for direct gravure. The result is a production of flexography sleeves in our close neighborhood and by that a quick reaction to the customers regarding their orders.

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