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/ Commercial advantages of directly engraved sleeves /

The market characteristics are similar as with other areas of printing production. The reaction of the sleeve producers has to be very quick and the delivery has to be realized during a few days from order entry which imposes demands on logistics among participating companies.

The sleeve producer typically does not come to direct contact with printing companies.

/ Competitive advanteges of GRAVITECH s.r.o. /

  • package product of a "turn key" sleeve (we secure: a pre-press preparation-data preparation-provision of the sleeve delivery-engraving-logistics-consulting)
  • fast possibility of processing of the creative layout by a partnership graphic studio
  • free technical consulting in connection with the laser and sleeve producer
  • we dispose of a large amount of spindles for production and mounting of sleeves
  • standard sleeves as a raw material in stock
  • good price in comparison with the price of a printing plate
  • easy transfer to a sleeve

/ Advantages of sleeves compared to a competitive printing form /

  • high life span (higher by 1/3) mainly by UV inks and inks with solvents
  • simple and fast mounting on the machine
  • endless printing
  • delivery speed
  • low increase of the printing dot
  • high colour constancy
  • resistance of the sleeve materials against inks, cleaning agents etc.
  • high resolution (up to 3500 dpi) and number of lines (up to 80 lpcm)
  • sharpness of edges
  • setting of precise printing register
  • ecological production

With our logistics and technical closeness directly at the sleeves producer we have an undisputed competitive advantage and we are able to react to an order in the shortest possible time!

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